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 spongey and the radiaitor saga

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PostSubject: spongey and the radiaitor saga   Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:18 pm

let me take you on a journey with spongy and the radiator
going to work last monday morning the temp guage goes skyward and the hi temp sign flashes then the saftey mode kicks in holly crap!! i limp spongey to my bosses place and pull the bonnet yep there is steam every where so with the motor running i try top up the radiator but to no avail so i ring my boss to get a lift to wotk then ring Helen to come down and say she was driving to ring the RAA ( NRMA eqivlilent in SA ) to see what has given up the ghost Helen rings 1 hour later and im informed the raditator has capitulated so poor old spongey gets a free ride on the back of a tow truck ( man its a sad sight helen says ) to the radiator repair place
no problem the guy rings and say it will cost $470 to get a new radiator ok its needed so he goes ahead and put one in then rings a 4.00pm telling me come ond get it BUT he also tells me the water pump has a leak and was most likely the reason for the trouble no problem i drive spongey home and get a new water pump $240 later (thanks Karen )
so yesterday i start to do the water pump no problem pretty easy to do actually but while im doing it what an opportunity to do some more detailng and to clean up the red stuff horrible mess radiator fluid leaves behind
this is the mess it leaves

what a VZSS LS1 lookes like with no water pump and throttle body

and the mess fluid leaves behind see end of the head drivers side

a quick 15 minute polish of the end of the head

with the water pump on

1/2 hour with the dremmel and a another quick polish of the thermostat housing

the belt tensioner took 1 hour to do but still not happy with it

on goes the engine belt

on goes the throttle body 1/2 hour polish ( but have spent over 8 hours doing it previously

all the hoses are now on

motor ready to fire up

now to start cleaning the rest of the motor and under the bonnet
2 hours later and its clean again :woohoo:

cleaned and in daily drive configeration( no billet caps )

and spongey is show ready once again :woohoo:

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spongey and the radiaitor saga
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